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- goto the Geograph square for this location        near location       or the Irish Geograph

- "nls.uk" 1900 Map this location   or nls 1956 Map    or choose a Map/Year    or  25 inch maps this location

- goto OldMapsOnline.org can yield slightly different nls.uk maps

- goto Streetmap at this location (Town zoom) covers NI    goto Rowmaps (Public Rights of Way)

- GB Post Codes - may return adjacent Post Code

- goto What3Words at this location (Goggle Streetview available - but not in Guernsey)

- more targetted map sites  Goggle Maps    OpenStreetMap   Bing Map   . (click the map)

 - Know Your Place (choose county, see instruction 13 below) West of England

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other useful map websites, (manual search)


Vision of Britain maps (inc OS 1ˢᵗ series)

Geograph Gallery, submission page

search Cadw (Wales Heritage)

Historic Scotland

More useful links

Grade II listed & HER listed (UK) gateway search

Historic England paste GR in search
(Grade II listed objects - tiny triangles - click them)

alternative Post Codes converter

map.geohive.ie & digital.ucd.ie inc 19th c Irish maps

Listed Buildings in Ireland - search


1) copy:
   a) Streetmap URL ( see their "copy this address" or the address box in your browser),
   b) or nls.uk data set, (as in their "Alt+click")
   c) or OSGR in:
       i) Landranger eg SE 3952 6532 or even SE 395 653          ii) or "Easting,Northing" format eg 439522,465326 (GB only)
   d) google/maps URL - (from the address box in your browser), https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/....... or https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/.......
   e) Latitude,Longtitude format eg 52.48147,-1.89810 (decimal length arbitrary) or 4910'33.68"N 25'24.99"W (inc Apple variants) or N 51° 41.363 W 002° 01.400
   f) OpenStreetMap.org URL     or     g) http://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/osmaps/......

2) left click in box 1

3) paste (cntrl V - or right click) (it accepts a cr delimited list use "do list" button to convert OSGRs to LatLongs)

4) move cursor away from box 1

5) copy or click to your heart's content, from other boxes.

   a) because box1 is affected by mouse moves, use box3f, click to ignore mouse (20 secs) add GR, finish with "enter" to convert

6) But don't try to copy from box 1 (or re-edit) - it will clear the box, that's its purpose for speed! .. (click, edit, copy & paste from boxes3f)

7) clicking 2osgr converts 2 numbers (comma delimited) in the LatLong box to an osgr. format eg "54.082341,-1.3973814" - You can paste or edit there.

8) NI & Ireland and Chanel Islands now recognised (Streetmap not fully covering Ireland) - LatLong to GR (& reverse conversion)

9) leading and trailing spaces and non-printing characters (eg line feeds) are ignored (mostly!)

10) "router" is a dog-leg mileage measurement list. Enter/convert each point in sequence along a route then click "router" each time. Pick points at significant bends.

11) "router" offers the area enclosed by the list (automatically closing the last & first "bends" notionally - so you don't have to). Search "Shoelace formula" for accuracy.

12) the "router" list can be used as short-term memory of unconnected points. The "bends", when clicked, load the short LatLong as a conversion.

13) KYP needs the correct county for display of green dots that pop-up interesting images of that location. Try several if close to borders!

- (with thanx 2 nearby.co.uk for the clever stuff)